Remote synchronization from FreeNAS to Amazon S3

A simple enough job: You do some backup to your CIF share on a local FreeNAS box and some of this data needs to be replicated someplace else.

As oure NAS boxes tend to get very big these day, it is properly a good idea to check Amazon storage prices before creating your backup plan and bear in mind what kind of internet access you have available. What you need, or what you are willing to pay for. I my case i move around 60 Gb data to Amazon - out of 1.2 TB backup data in all. Test thoroughly how much data you actually is moving, and start with something small and simple.

My beautiful Biomega Amsterdam

My very beautiful Biomega Amsterdam – Silver. And it is a lot of silver. Designed by Jens Martin Skibsted. It is a very well put together bike. I not sure how crazy I am about the shaft drive, but it's different. The frame is properly the main thing about this bike - the soul of the thing. For the Amstedam it is definitely commuter and 'I'm in no hurry'. It suits me really well.