My very beautiful Biomega Amsterdam – Silver. And it is a lot of silver. Designed by Jens Martin Skibsted. It is a very well put together bike. I not sure how crazy I am about the shaft drive, but it's different. The frame is properly the main thing about this bike - the soul of the thing. For the Amstedam it is definitely commuter and 'I'm in no hurry'. It suits me really well.

Maybe it is because I'm rather heavy (75 kg) but I feel a lot of pressure is needed in the front tire. So I changed for the Continental Sport Contact Tire which should be good for 85 PSI. The bike feels certainly better witch this kind of pressure in the front. Back wheel shouldn’t be a problem. If your are lighter, you shouldn’t notice – I don't know.

My bike was brought on a webshop without seeing the real deal first. If you are going for the silver edition, I will recommend you check out the bike in a store first. Have a look. It is simply very, very silver. The original milky colour is also very beautiful – or so I am told.