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The singing psycho's song from 3rd Headhunter DLC for Borderlands 2 (How Marcus saved the Mercenary Day) The song was written and performed by Raison Verner, who also voiced other bandits in Borderlands 2

He wanted me to sing my heart out so I snatched it from his chest. Play the song!

Plink-plinky-plink the keys

Faster! Get to the bridge. or I will throw you screaming off of it

No! Nononono!

This is a song
From my mummy mum
Sing and hummy hum
Till you're in my tum
3 swinging midge
All in my fridge
Teeth a rattle-taytin
Nice and shaken-shaken
Soon my nasal spray
Will be 3 midgey filets
Warming up my tummy
Just like my mummy
Hello who are you
Today tonight?
Do you think my face
Looks alright in this light?
Sometimes I think
Maybe I should drink
But then I feel a sudden
That maybe I should summon
Someone to feed me
That will never leave me
But then I'll be
Not who I say is me
But then a little bee said to me
It's better to transcend reality
So though I may be very senseless
I can keenly see great immenses
Tada doodle
All the noodles
Come to play with MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Mmmm, thank you, thank you, thank