Macromedia Flash, possibly around 1998.

I not sure what this thing was about – and for sure the only time I used a running headless chicken  on a red ball as a kind of logo. It raises questions you know :)

ELL was one of my last flash sites. At the time flash (2.0 – and still my Macromedia) had no real scripting ability and a serious shortage for handling dynamic data.

It's of course very naïve and primitive today, but I can't help feeling a little sad also when I look at this thing: The primary thing about this site was for the developer to have a great time and do something he haven’t done before. And amazingly somebody actually pay for this. This is no more of course.

The chicken (for some reason named Clinton) was re-used in a lot of later projects. But he originated as a figurehead for this far fetch and rather silly eye-liner Flash thing.